Being married to a woman who loves to bake is TOUGH! 

So last night I had a few drinks (which I allow myself after a week of good eating) but I did end up snacking! I have a hard time controlling it when I eat…so I probably shouldn’t drink huh?  Well TODAY I traveled to my sons basketball tournament, and I had some gas station food and then Chik Fila (Grilled Nuggets and Fries).  I am traveling tomorrow and will make sure that I get back on track. 

Bed time…short and sweet. 


Today was a mentally tough day. I weighed a pound heavier (216.2), and was not lifting or doing any crossfit. I ate a big breakfast, steak, chicken, and broccolli. Lunch we went to Sub shop and I had a philly cheese wrap. Dinner was taco salad. I slipped up and had a drink of booze, dt dew, and popcorn ):

I did, however run 7 miles in the 85 degree weather. I guess because I did that I felt like i deserved the snacks? What do you think? Justified? I do feel guilty though.

Well doing this “healthy eating diet” i am going to allow myself to have some drinks. It will be a rare occasion, but right back on the strict wagon. In the past I fell off hard and stayed off!! No! I will reach my goal! No road blocks!!

Day 4 in the books!!!

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Day 3 – consistent

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Staying consistent is the hard part. Build on each day. Don’t get frustrated, take it one at a time!

Today I did “DT” at 185. I felt like i broke my collar bone. (See pic below) It was a very rough WoD. 17:31. Ouch

Diet was good. Still no soda or candy. I am happy with that. No cheese or bread. I cooked a sirloin steak that was amazing.

Weighed in at 215.4 today. Thats ok, just got to keep grinding. Tomorrow i wont touch any weights, but I will get a run in. 6 miles is the goal tomorrow.

Keep up the good work and feel free to shout at me.


Day 2 – goalssss

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Today was another great day! I had some very intense workouts, to include 150 burpees for time. I also ate astoundingly well. No cheats, all great food.

Lets discuss why I have decided to go this route. I honestly feel like I perform better when I am about 10 pounds lighter. I am stronger now than ever, just hit 225 snatch, but I also weigh 215(today). I want to sit around 200.

Next I want to feel awesome with my shirt off! I want my abs back! I live bear the beach.

Last health! I want to be healthy! Live longer, feel better.

I am a runner, weightlifter, and crossfitter…balled into one!

Day 1 – stats

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Well it begins today. I did some heavy squats this AM, weighed, then took photos and measured. At lunch I did an EMOM with MU and BJs, then pushed sled. This evening I pushed my daughter in her stroller for a 5 mile run.

I ate really good today, no cheats. No soda, no sugar. Got to keep the eye on the prize!!!

Weighed 218, I’m 6’0. Measured around naval no tightening abs – 37″.

Below is my first pic. There is no end to this, just goals! Tomorrow we talk about goals!



After a few months of bad eating, it is time to reset the machine!

Starting tomorrow I am going to start CLEAN!

While going COLD ZERO turkey is nearly impossible, I am going to allow myself a few days to celebrate if everything goes good. Those days will be talked about later. However I will hold my self accountable on here.

I will weigh daily.

I will record ALL MY FOOD in the myfitnesspal app – ammotroop.

I will take progress photos at least weekly if not sooner.

SLEEP is criticle to this success. Must get sleep. Ok, it starts tomorrow….so for now…A DRINK!!!


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Day 4b

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Yesterday was a great workout day but just an OK diet day.   I’m not sure why it’s so hard to resist diet dew.   I think I am more addicted to it than anything.   I’m enjoying my time off getting good sleep and workouts in.