Enter the Grinder

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Keep grinding !!! I really believe everyone wants everything now! Even I am guilty of this, heck yesterday I went and bought myself a pair of new wireless power beats because I HAD to have them for my workouts.

The problem with fitness and dieting is that nothing happens fast. Yes you can drop a few pounds fast, but if you really want to see a lasting change you have to stick with it, be patient and keep grinding. Each choice you make will help or hurt you.

So yesterday was day 2 of no drinking and eating good. Is it a coincidence that I slept great? All through the night, not waking up to eat or drink? I think not.

Yesterday was also great workout wise. I hit a PR on my hang snatch +5, at 220. I did a long wod after this as well.

7 PC – 185
10 burpees
200 m run
20:40 – this was a great work out. I wanted to quit a few times but I kept grinding. Hope everyone has a great day. Remember that each action has a consequence or reaction. Dont drink that Soda !

Ride the Wave

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Ride the WAVE!!! Overall, yesterday was a success. The biggest win was zero Alcohol! Prior to this I think I had at least one drink everyday. Not a heavy drinker but liked a night cap to help me relax. This would lead to snacking which led to unwanted pounds. Also ate really well today. I did have some fritos as a snack but that is way better than candy!! One thing I do enjoy is putting MIO in my water. It really helps me to drink more water, but is it hurting me? Is Mio really bad?

From a fitness perspective I am prepping for a PT test. My goal for the 1.5 mile run is 9:33. Yesterday I did 6×400 with 1 min rest. I then came home and worked on power snatch for sets of 10 at 135. Today will be more running, with a little strength.

When weighing in yesterday evening there was no difference but to be expected after one day. Today the mental struggle continues but I will ride the wave. I wont dwell on the negatives that seem to surround me. I will focus on being positive and controlling what I can control.

I am also considering starting the Lurung healthy life challenge. I would be doing it on my own , but with people online. Only thing stopping me is that it cost $50. 8 weeks long. I need 8 weeks of healthy eating.

The time is NOW!!

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Today is the day! No more waiting on tomorrow!!! No more waiting on everything to be gone. Sometimes you have to say “F” it.

I know what it takes to be successful, to be in shape, to have a six pack. It is time to implement it.

No more limaritas. No more alcohol! No more beer. No more Soda! No more SNACKS!!! No more soda. I have had excuses before, but this time I am buckling down, digging deep, getting back to where I was. I am doing this for me. For myself.

So this is day 1. My weight is around 220 and this is just not acceptable to me. I need to be around 200 or less again. If this means less heavy lifting, more cardio, then so be it. The bulking stage is over!!! The journey starts NOW!!!!

Being married to a woman who loves to bake is TOUGH! 

So last night I had a few drinks (which I allow myself after a week of good eating) but I did end up snacking! I have a hard time controlling it when I eat…so I probably shouldn’t drink huh?  Well TODAY I traveled to my sons basketball tournament, and I had some gas station food and then Chik Fila (Grilled Nuggets and Fries).  I am traveling tomorrow and will make sure that I get back on track. 

Bed time…short and sweet. 


Today was a mentally tough day. I weighed a pound heavier (216.2), and was not lifting or doing any crossfit. I ate a big breakfast, steak, chicken, and broccolli. Lunch we went to Sub shop and I had a philly cheese wrap. Dinner was taco salad. I slipped up and had a drink of booze, dt dew, and popcorn ):

I did, however run 7 miles in the 85 degree weather. I guess because I did that I felt like i deserved the snacks? What do you think? Justified? I do feel guilty though.

Well doing this “healthy eating diet” i am going to allow myself to have some drinks. It will be a rare occasion, but right back on the strict wagon. In the past I fell off hard and stayed off!! No! I will reach my goal! No road blocks!!

Day 4 in the books!!!

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Day 3 – consistent

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Staying consistent is the hard part. Build on each day. Don’t get frustrated, take it one at a time!

Today I did “DT” at 185. I felt like i broke my collar bone. (See pic below) It was a very rough WoD. 17:31. Ouch

Diet was good. Still no soda or candy. I am happy with that. No cheese or bread. I cooked a sirloin steak that was amazing.

Weighed in at 215.4 today. Thats ok, just got to keep grinding. Tomorrow i wont touch any weights, but I will get a run in. 6 miles is the goal tomorrow.

Keep up the good work and feel free to shout at me.