Day 4 – road blocks

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Today was a mentally tough day. I weighed a pound heavier (216.2), and was not lifting or doing any crossfit. I ate a big breakfast, steak, chicken, and broccolli. Lunch we went to Sub shop and I had a philly cheese wrap. Dinner was taco salad. I slipped up and had a drink of booze, dt dew, and popcorn ):

I did, however run 7 miles in the 85 degree weather. I guess because I did that I felt like i deserved the snacks? What do you think? Justified? I do feel guilty though.

Well doing this “healthy eating diet” i am going to allow myself to have some drinks. It will be a rare occasion, but right back on the strict wagon. In the past I fell off hard and stayed off!! No! I will reach my goal! No road blocks!!

Day 4 in the books!!!


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